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Yep, we made these... 
Vala corporate re-branding | 2007

Being the only mobile operator in the country at the time, Vala 900 underwent a...SEE MORE
Client Vala

Z mobile corporate image | 2010

Launching of Z mobile MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) was one of the most...SEE MORE
Client Z mobile

Albanian national sports fans logo | 2004

Logo design for "Tifozat Kuq e Zi", Albanian National Sports Teams Fans, which has...SEE MORE
Client Other clients

Love your own | 2011

"Duaje tënden" (Love Your Own) is an initiative in kooperation with Lëvizja...SEE MORE
Client Vetëvendosje

Where to go? | 2011

This website is our own initiative to contribute to the Albanian online online...SEE MORE
Client Karrota

Shamelessly red | 2012

To promote the end-of-the-year festive prize winning offer from Kuqalashe bottle...SEE MORE
Client Birra Tirana

NEWBORN Monument | 2008

Only 11 days before the actual day, we came up with an idea that would add to the...SEE MORE
Client City of Prishtina

Say what you want, whenever you want | 2010

"Mixha" (The uncle) became famous on the internet from a couple of TV interviews,...SEE MORE
Client Z mobile

Create your own team | 2010

Promoting Z mobile's "Fol me 10" (Circle of 10) product was a bit of a challenge. A...SEE MORE
Client Z mobile

NEWBORN Monument - 5 | 2013

Unveiled for the first time in 17 February 2008, the day Kosova declared its...SEE MORE
Client City of Prishtina

London is closer than you think | 2003

Creative production of poster, postcard and questionnaire for British Airways'...SEE MORE
Client British Airways

Electricity is just another product | 2007

We were asked to produce a campaign to make consumers aware that non-payment and...SEE MORE
Client European Union

PTK Corporate re-branding | 2007

The largest public owned corporation in the country, Post and Telecom of Kosova,...SEE MORE
Client PTK

Sempre - always, everywhere | 2011

Having recently entered the market to boldly compete with a 30 year old import,...SEE MORE
Client Sempre

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Our gift for you this year is a challenge which will entertain you and make you a Santa helper, because while skiing, you’ll collect the gifts that... SEE MORE
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In a few words
Founded in 2005, Karrota is the only agency in the region awarded with a Cannes Gold Lion, for the creation of the NEWBORN Monument. Today, we are the leading advertising and marketing communications agency in Kosova.
With a lot of love
Devoted to creative production and innovative use of media, we specialize in advertising, branding & identity, design & publishing, interactive media, public relations, event management, promotions and media management.
Star of the month
 Albiana Ajeti Turbedar
April 2013
For becoming a mum by bringing to life a beautiful baby boy, Aras, the latest addition to our big family.

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Distanca maksimale, të cilën një konsumator është në gjendje ta kalojë për një mall a shërbim. Si e tillë, përcakton kufirin e jashtëm të një zone tregtare.
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